Have Custom Jewellers in Sydney Make Rhodium-Plated Designer Jewellery for You


Rhodium is a precious metal like platinum. Custom jewellers in Sydney as well as all over the world, use rhodium plating on platinum and white gold ornaments. The reason for this is that rhodium is a highly durable metal that does not tarnish.


What you know as white gold is actually an alloy of yellow gold and palladium or silver. Rhodium plating is used to make it look white. Rhodium plated necklaces and Italian chains look stunning. They are available in a variety of designs and cuts. Even pearl can be set in rhodium plated silver jewellery, making it easy for you to maintain because you do not have to polish around the pearls. Rhodium will do it for you. It would keep the pearls nice and clean, preserving its beauty forever. So, if you want to protect your gold or white gold or platinum jewelleries, it is best to have them rhodium plated by your custom jewellers in Sydney.


Plating your designer jewellery with rhodium will add some ornaments to your collection that would look like new for years to come. This would also give a finishing touch that you have been on the lookout for. Choose reputable custom jewellers in Sydney for the job and you will love the result. 


How to Choose the Best Manufacturing Jewellers in Sydney?


As a citizen of the beautiful city of Sydney, you must know a lot of places where you can shop quality products. Well, jewellery shopping should be done in the same manner as every other product. You should keep in mind that not every jeweller offers the same quality or craftsmanship. Neither does every jeweller have the same level of experience in serving customers like you. However, there is a way to choose the best manufacturing jewellers in Sydney if you follow some simple yet important tips such as:

The jewellers should be fully committed to provide you the best items. They should take the time to build their collection with items that would appeal to customers with different tastes. In short, whether you are looking for something special or something for casual wear, you should be able to find it in their collection.

Good manufacturing jewellers in Sydney should refresh their collection from time to time. Their collections should include latest designs, trendy ornaments, and lightweight ornaments for daily wear. Furthermore, they should be able to customize an item according to your preferences and the finished product shouldn’t look like it was made in a hurry.

Jewellery trends for 2014 include – transformable ornaments, geometric designs, uniquely designed engagement rings and statement earrings with intricate designs. Make sure your manufacturing jewellers in Sydney are offering these in their showrooms.

Keeping these things in mind will help you make a good choice. 

Eternity Rings From Designer Jewellers in Sydney – How to Wear Them


Eternity rings are becoming more and more popular with every passing day. They are usually worn to celebrate some special event like wedding. But unlike wedding rings, there is no hard and fast rule for wearing eternity rings on a particular finger. The designer jewellers in Sydney you buy the rings from may be able to assist you. But here is some information anyway.

 An eternity ring symbolizes love and togetherness. It can be worn to celebrate any relationship and in many different ways. A common practice is to wear it along with the wedding ring. However, if it is thin, it can be worn like that. But if the band is not so thin, it doesn’t look good with the wedding ring and weighs down your finger.

 You can wear only this ring on the 4th finger of your left hand. This represents your anniversary. If you are a more traditional person, wear the ring on the 4th finger of your right hand. This way, you can keep your wedding ring on the left hand, where it belongs.

 If an eternity ring has been gifted to you to celebrate another relationship and not wedding, you can stack the ring over other rings that you may be wearing. Or you can wear it on any finger you like. The point is to prevent rings from overpowering your hand.  

 As mentioned before, designer jewellers in Sydney can always educate customers on the best ways to wear an eternity ring. 

Diamond Engagement Rings for Men in Sydney


Who says diamond engagement rings are only for women? Today, men in Sydney are no less style conscious than women and they don’t fail to show off beautiful pieces of jewelry. Men’s engagement rings are reminders of the love of their partner. Such rings symbolize the years and decades that a man and his partner will spend together. It symbolizes their commitment to one another.

Most men are not even aware that engagement rings exist for them too, although these diamond rings have been around for decades. Men’s engagement rings are not as ornate as women’s but they are quite elegant. These diamond engagement rings are simple in design. In Sydney, some engagement rings for men are available which are made from a blend of two metals. For instance, white gold rings are fitted with yellow gold inlays while yellow gold rings are given white gold inlays.

The diamond engagement rings in Sydney that are meant for men are set into the band or set within the ring’s center. Along with that, elaborate designs carved on the surface of the ring have become very popular these days. If a man does not like either white or yellow gold, he can go for titanium rings as well.

A variety of designs are available for men’s engagement rings. Finding the right one is not difficult at all.

How to Preserve the Beauty of Sterling Silver Engagement Rings at Your Sydney Home


Did you know that pure sterling silver contains 92.5% of silver in the alloy? Most sterling silver jewelries of today are marked with a “925” stamp that specifies that the piece is genuine. Nevertheless, you have made a unique and bold choice by buying a sterling silver engagement ring, now it is time to preserve its beauty. If taken proper care of, sterling silver engagement rings can be kept like new forever in your Sydney home.

To remove tarnish from the ring, try rubbing alcohol. There are two ways of doing it. Either you can soak it for a couple of minutes in a small cup containing rubbing alcohol or wrap a paper napkin around it and pour rubbing alcohol onto it. Let the alcohol sit for around 5 minutes and then use a dry and soft piece of cloth to polish it.

Store the ring with care. Do not put it in a jewelry box where other ornaments are stored. That would dull its appearance. Try to keep it in a box and wrap a special piece of cloth around it to prevent tarnishing. But before putting it inside the box, make sure you put them in a dry condition, not wet.

Following these two basic steps can keep engagement rings in Sydney pretty for years to come.

Choose Jewellery Gifts from Custom Jewellers Sydney for Christmas



Are you starting your Christmas shopping soon? Then choosing jewellery could be a great idea for gifting purposes. There are many custom jewellers in Sydney who specialize in personalizing jewellery gifts. From them, you can definitely find an ideal ornament or several ornaments and customize according to the recipient’s choice.

Jewellery gifts glow like the moonlight, sparkle like stars and can brighten up the face of the wearer, regardless of their age. You can think of shiny silver pendants or silvery drop earrings. Gone are the days when jewellery was gifted to only women. Now, you can also gift jewelleries to men and children. You can get ornaments shaped like fairy tale characters for children. To men, you should gift something that they can wear to their workplace.

Colored gemstones can be used for making custom jewellery. Some prominent colored gemstones include ruby, sapphire, and emerald. The colors red and green suit the Christmas theme. So, choosing those colors for your customized ornaments is appropriate.

Among the many designs for Christmas jewellery, you can choose Christmas tree pendant, Santa Claus earrings, snowflake pendant, and holly leaf pendant. Use your imagination and come up with something that’s even more in keeping with the theme and spirit of Christmas. Your custom jewellers in Sydney will help you in this.

5 Effective Steps Diamond Jewellers in Sydney Should Take To Make More Sales


Collectible diamond jewellery can be difficult to sell. This post will offer some useful tips on how to sell more collectible jewellery to help diamond jewellers in Sydney. The goal is to find customers who want to expand their jewellery collection. Offer an entire collection of collectible ornaments to allure these buyers. Make sure they make a first purchase. After they make a first purchase, follow these steps:


Step 1


Re-merchandise the collectible ornaments. Display them in different display cases and maintain a theme. For instance, display different colors of ornaments on different days. This would spark interest.


Step 2


Try to tell a story through your collection. Name every ornament and include some words from the maker regarding how the idea came to his mind or something similar. This would add uniqueness to them.


Step 3


Track sales. Send emails to your customers informing them about discounts and offers.  


Step 4


Put counter cards inside display cases to keep buyers hooked on.


Step 5


Display collateral materials with every piece of collectible jewellery. Do not put those materials aside. They can be used to add to the appeal of the jewellery. Collateral materials stacked in one corner of the store do nothing but cluttering the store. Put them to use.  


These 5 steps are very important to follow if you want to be one of the best-selling diamond jewellers in Sydney.