Pure Silver Engagement Rings In Sydney – An Unconventional Choice and Ways to Take Care of It



Pure silver may not look as stunning as platinum or gold, but its beauty is undeniable nonetheless. It is a rather unstable metal that quickly oxidizes but it provides an antique look. If you have opted for an unconventional material for your engagement ring – pure silver, this post will help you with information to take care of the ring so that it stays beautiful for years to come. After all, just because you have chosen an unconventional material, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t stay pretty like diamond.




You can actually keep pure silver engagement rings in Sydney spotlessly clean using a jewelry cloth. This type of cloth comes with 2 layers of cloths and is available in most jewelry stores. Rubbing the ring with the cloth can keep it clean and even glowing! That is something which paper towels cannot do.




Another method to use is silver dip. This involves immersing your ring in a silver jewelry cleaner for around 30 to 60 seconds and then rinsing it off with water. You can find the dip in any major jewelry store. However, you must make sure that there is no plating on the silver ring before using the silver-dip. The plating can break if you are not careful.




Pure silver engagement rings can be engraved or resized to suit your preferences. Most jewelers in Sydney are able to provide the engraving and resizing services. Before entrusting a jeweler with either of these two jobs, make sure that the jeweler has the right equipment for cutting and welding.


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