Things about Ruby that Designer Jewellers Sydney Don’t Tell You



Ruby looks very elegant and ladylike. Unfortunately, it is not as appreciated by today’s women as diamonds or platinum. Nevertheless, ruby can give your attire a wonderful touch. Let’s delve into some information about ruby that you may have not heard from your designer jewellers in Sydney.


Ruby is aluminum oxide that gets its color from iron or chromium. That indicates that it has the same composition as emerald or sapphire. Only the cooling agent is different. The color of ruby depends on the concentration and quantity of the coloring agent. The color manifests itself completely after centuries of pressure and heat in the cores of the earth.


Tone of ruby refers to how deep its color is. The tone is one of its most important characteristics. Other characteristics include cut and hue. Cut is the distinct shape of the gem whereas hue is the dominant color. The commonest cut of rubies is the oval cut.


Did you know that ruby is the birthstone for the sun sign Cancer? If you are born in the month of July, then ruby is your birthstone.


Ruby is also associated with romance and those who are looking for passionate romance are always told to wear ruby rings. These facts may not help you choose ruby ornaments from designer jewellers in Sydney but they will definitely help you become more knowledgeable about the gemstone.



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